My dressmaking journal

Hi guys, So my Me Made May pledge was to try to blog about how I was doing, as we went through the month. As the first two weeks for me have been 3 day working weeks, no point in making it any more frequent…

Me Made May 1st Fortnight

I feel like I’ve hit some kind of milestone, or grown up a bit, in my sewing skills after making these Lander trousers from True Bias. But it’s not that I found them hard to make – I found them WONDERFUL to make. I had…

Lander trousers by True Bias



So my first Me Made May then. I’ve been watching Sarah’s MMMays for years and wondered what on earth was I going to challenge myself with. I haven’t made that much yet, so I’m certainly not going to be one of these who wears handmade…

Me Made May 2018



Hi my name is Nickie and this is my new dressmaking blog. I have returned to sewing after having a few dabbles at it in the past. My mum was a tailor before she retired, and she showed me the ropes when I was little.…

My makes so far



Hi everyone, I’m Nickie. Thanks so much for visiting my new blog site. I started getting back into sewing last year, after a couple of false starts, but I’m really enjoying it, so I hope that you like reading about how I get on. More…