Me Made May 2018


So my first Me Made May then. I’ve been watching Sarah’s MMMays for years and wondered what on earth was I going to challenge myself with. I haven’t made that much yet, so I’m certainly not going to be one of these who wears handmade clothes every day. But I decided I could probably wear one handmade garment on each working day of the week – say a top one day, skirt another – which for me is 4 days a week. That would stretch things out fairly well I think.

To prevent things from getting boring, I’m going to try to restyle things each week.

I think I’m going to just wear things the way I always wear them for the first week – there’s 5 working weeks in May this year, so it isn’t going to be plain sailing. This way I can then compare to the following weeks.

Then I haven’t fully ironed out the other weeks, but I’m going to play with themes, like scarves, belts and shoes, and so on. It will be partly weather dependant too, so I don’t want to commit to certain themes and then it be scorching hot and totally inappropriate. As the weather is going at the moment, it’s going to be coats and brolly theme for a good chunk of the time. Booooo!

Then what I’ll also try to do is a weekly MMMay blog, to review what I’ve tried out – some looks will work, and others won’t. It will be a great way to really think about how I wear things, and whether I can step up my game and understand what really suits me the best. Hopefully that will then drive what I make in the future.

My official Me Made May pledge:

“I, Nickie Blandford (@browneyeddressmaker on IG, blog launching at sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ‘18. I will endeavour to wear at least one me-made item every working day of May. This means 4 days per week. I only have a few handmade items so far, though thankfully lots of separates, so my pledge will be to style these clothes differently each time – eg. with layering and accessories.
I also pledge to blog about any new garments I might make during May, as I have just launched a new blog site, so this will be a real additional challenge to stick to, being a working mum.
May 2018.”

Wish me luck.

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