Ogden Cami by True Bias

Last week’s make was the Ogden Cami by True Bias. It’s strange that I’m so used to having loads of photos of the making process and “what Nickie learned along the way”. But this was rustled up in such a short amount of time that I just have a few hastily taken photos of the finished article (when I was looking really tired, it would seem..).

I’m surprised at myself making something else that was drapey fabric again, so soon after the Highlands Wrap dress, but I just couldn’t leave it sitting there. Sarah from Like Sew Amazing had very kindly gifted me a metre of her shop’s silver peachskin, as I helped do some simple testing of her new shop pages on her website, and followed it through with her first order. I had the chance to feel it at her house once and couldn’t believe how soft and silky it felt.

But boy was I nervous about cutting it, after front-bodice-gate on the Highlands Wrap dress! hehe. Sarah suggested I folded the fabric into the middle, rather than folding selvedge to selvedge. I was really surprised how I didn’t even use up the full metre of fabric, and it all lined up really nicely, so I obviously must have folded it straight. Maybe I’ll have some pocket lining from the leftovers – who knows.

Spaghetti straps went really well – I just attach a small safety clip to one end and it just slips through. Then lovely french seams to tuck away those edges down the side. I do love a french seam – it’s so reassuring. I want to have a go at rolled hems at some point, but did a double folded hem on this one.

I didn’t have quite the right silver or grey thread to match so I found some dusty-blue thread and just got on with it. Only the nosey will know mwahahaha!

A couple of things I found that I might fiddle with, when I make it next time. I think I chose a slightly snug size – it drapes ok but it’s a bit close for my liking, across the bust. I might go a size bigger for the bust size to give myself some breathing room, and then pop a bust dart in, so it hangs straight down, rather than being slightly flared out.

I’ll also make the lining longer – it stops right across my boobs, which is a bit odd. In fact, once I got thinking about it, I realised what I wanted to do with some white broderie anglaise I’ve been trying to decide on. I want to do one of these with the lining in something drapey and in a really striking colour, underneath the broderie anglaise, and actually I might make the lining slightly deliberately longer, so it shows a bit. I don’t know, I’ll have a tinker.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy this lovely silky number. Purrrrrr

One thought on “Ogden Cami by True Bias

  1. I LOVE your Ogden Cami! So chic! By the way…just wanted you to know I nominated you for Mystery Blogger Award in my latest blog! You have really inspired me! Check it out! No worries if you think it’s too much work, but I really think you might enjoy the process! Take care! Danita

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