My Colour Consultation

Hi, I just thought I’d share some thoughts I’m in the middle of, after having a colour consultation on Friday.

Firstly I should say that I feel like I’m still processing this, so I’m sure my thoughts are still new and need work and will develop. I’m probably gonna babble too… #sorrynotsorry #thatsthepointofbloggingisntit

So basically there were colours that wowed me and I had never considered before. Then there were colours that made me feel really unsure and they gave me a very dream filled night that night.

I had my hair coloured a week before and I’m still getting used to it. It was actually a really subtle change and I can’t decide if I want to slightly change it or actually just go with it. The mid-length and the ends of my hair naturally lighten slightly in the sun and makes it go a coppery shade. I’m not sure I’m a big fan but ya know – that’s my own natural hair colour so I need to just embrace it. When the hairdresser suggested she just brings the roots to meet the sunkissed parts, that sounded great. It also covered a sweep of grey I’m getting in the front. Here’s the thing. When I looked in the mirror, all I saw were the slightly darker (less colourful) roots before they’d had chance to be too sunbleached and then I saw the grey swish in the front. But the majority of my hair is this mid-brown, slightly coppery colour and when it’s curled, it looks gorgeous. I wasn’t concentrating on those shades before I had the colour done.

So then I felt like when I went to the colour consultation, I was only a week post hair-colour and feeling like the new colour was dominating the results. Those results were mostly quite autumnal colours. But also some really beautiful vibrant colours too.

In autumn, I am actually in my element, so she ‘got’ me. I wear green tops, orange skirts, brown boots, thick tights and feel fantastic walking down the street. So there’s very much something in it. But that’s in autumn. Right now, I’m kicking back in Spain and have just unpacked a suitcase full of electric blues and other bright colours that I feel suit the bright sunshine and glamorous poolside locale. So I think that for a few days, I’ve been like a rabbit in the headlights thinking that I maybe should be walking round wishing autumn on everyone, wearing browns by the pool and looking like a weirdo. 😂

I honestly don’t know why it’s been bugging me so much, but I think I don’t like to be too pigeon-holed or too defined or too hemmed in. “Are these going to be the only colours I can ever wear?!” I also think that I’m forgetting some of the lovely vibrant hues that I could totally go for in future summer holidays. Bright turquoise, aqua, jade, coral, tangerine, more reds than I will ever need 😍.

You’d think that these things really shouldn’t matter, right? #firstworldproblems 😂 and yet, we do define ourselves by colour, I think. We feel like it somehow defines us, represents us before anyone’s ever spoken a single word to our face – they’ve made some kind of decision about us.

Other important lessons I’ve learned: stay away from grey 😕. I just made that beautiful peachskin Ogden Cami too! But it was that top which caused me to go to a colour consultant in the first place. I looked so washed out and tired wearing it. I know, I have a 3-year-old, I live in a constant state of exhaustion. But I look it, wearing grey. I don’t look it wearing my purple cowl neck dress, even on a sleepy no makeup day.

The other lesson was that each and every time it’s gets to winter again, I feel somehow compelled to go and buy creamy/sandy coloured knitwear. 😐 I would pay good money to find out why, but it beats me honestly. 😂 this needs to stop!! As soon as I get it home, it becomes the most dowdy, drab, depressing thing in my whole wardrobe!

I do have some neutrals afforded me in my palette, but they’re mostly 50 shades of brown, which give a warmer hue than greys and sandy colours. This helps, as I won’t keep going towards the colours that wash me out. Plus actually during the winter months, I now have beautiful deep greens, rust reds, navy (my fave), mustard yellow to fall back on, which are far more lovely ideas.

I also was shown that a shade warmer in my foundation choices when I do wear makeup, makes an incredible difference. Every other makeup consultation I’ve had before, they just take one look at me and just hand me the palest foundation they have. One shade up from that and I look positively tanned and rosey! 😂 I also need to try out lots of different lipsticks, as I’ve been getting it a bit too blue-based up to now. Need to try corals, peaches and other warmer colours instead.

I’ve written this and actually talked myself through some interesting points as I’ve done it. I don’t feel so rabbit-in-the-headlightsy any more. I have options instead of seeing myself looking grim for a change.

My lady who did the consultation is called Sandra Halward in Westbury on Trym, Bristol. She is partnered with Colour Me Beautiful and I really have lots to think about in the future. More swatches, more careful fabric choices (until it becomes more instinctive again) and a careful check-in if I drastically change my hair colour at any point! Hehehe.

Meantime, Spain, sun, sand, pool and relax xxx 😎🤩☀️🏝🏖

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